11 Date Ideas For This Fall

Around this time of year everyone is pulling out their sweaters and counting down the long days until summer rejoins us. For me this is one of my favourite times of the year. Its the time for all of us to get together and celebrate all of the end of year festivities, and is also a time for everyone to get cozy and spend some great times with the one(s) we care about the most.

This year I wanted to try something different and compose a list of some romantic fall date ideas to do here in the GTA. I’m a bit of a home bug most of the time so making this list is also a form of encouragement to find some time to do all of these before we hit winter.

Prepare for longer nights and shorter days. Colder air for sweater weather and lots of sweet treats.

Living nearby Toronto and looking for some great date ideas for you and your love? Here is a list of 11 Romantic Fall Date Ideas that are going to melt the winter blues and warm our hearts for this season.

1. Gaze the night away at the David Dunlap Observatory

This is star gazing observatory has caught my eye this season, while I’m a sucker for peaceful moments, I’ve been reading about this place for a few weeks now and imagine it to be a great place to go on a date. They host star gazing events, and astronomy sessions for anyone who’s passionate about the topic. What could be better than getting lost in the stars with that special someone.


2.  Take a wine tour at Vineland Estates

Located in Niagara Ontario, Vineland Estates is a winery that has been around for over thirty years and has won the hearts of anyone who has ever visited with a hard earned legacy of world renown resiling, exceptional fine dining, and one of the most memorable wine adventures. I had been here a few years ago and I will never forget how amazing the experience was from the arrival all the way to driving away (literally was in love with every moment). Our wine our host was so upbeat and very full of warmth and love, she really opened up my logic to the art of wine tasting, and actually got me to open up my taste pallet. The food above all was over the top, with the most incredible service and great kitchen staff they made one of the best meals I had tasted in my life. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a place to fall in love take a visit to this beautiful winery.


3. Pick pumpkin to carve at a farm!

As a young child this was one of my favourite memories with my parents going to pick any kind of fruit, but my heart always weaned towards strawberries and pumpkins the most. The berries were obviously yummy, but the pumpkins were a festive importance for this time of year. We got to not only pick our own pumpkins but we also carved AND roasted the seeds.. mmm… I cant wait to bring my two this weekend for our first ever family pumpkin picking. Downey’s Farm is a fun favourite but I’ll be heading over to Dixie Orchards to pick one this year.


4. Watch the leaves change at High Park

One of the most beautiful things about fall is when all of the leaves start turning into different colours and start descending onto the earth. High Park is a municipal public park located in Toronto with tons of recreational activities, a huge park the community help build after its previous one had been torn down, and a wonderful zoo with a few animals living in it. This big park has tons of wonderful naturalistic and beautiful aspects to it, so enjoy a picnic or just a nice stroll through this luxury view.


5. Wine & Fondue

The perfect pair for warming up and getting close this season. Last year a Fondue maker was added to the family inventory and its been one of my most valued item since, I don’t use it often but its always a memorable moment when we get to melting cheese with sides, and chocolate with fruits. Pair a great bottle of wine with your small menu and you have one of the simplest and romantic date ideas yet!

6. Sushi & Movies

An at home date night is always a great way to have a night in and enjoy it with your partner, not to mention totally affordable. I love getting sushi and putting on a good movie or show to binge while pigging out on the Japanese cuisine its best for bonding and having some quality time without having to spend over $25. Who’s down for some sashimi and wine?

7. Drive In Movies

Around where I live we have access to a drive in movie theatre which is hugely popular in our area. They offer three screen that play current popular movies you can watch in the comfort of your car (kind of like that classic scene from grease). So grab a date and some blankets and get ready to cuddle to some motion pictures at the 5 Drive-In.


8. Santa Clause Parade

This is more of a family date you can do with the kids during November, take the kids on a winter adventure by bringing them downtown to Toronto to watch the Santa Clause Parade march with all of our holiday favourite characters singing our most adored holiday tunes. Its a great time to see the city get together and have a great holiday moment with the family.


9. Night in Niagara Falls

Spend a night or two down by the world renown Canadian Falls. This, to me, is such a romantic place to be during the colder seasons, I love spending time down there, although it can get pretty cold its such a beautiful site to see the waters ice over and watching the frost sit on the leaves. With tons of attractions and hotels to stay at Niagara is one of the places to be this Fall, check out a comedy at Yuk Yuks and have dinner at The Watermark Restaurant it will be a weekend to remember!


10. Cook Dinner Together

Nothing is like spending time together when cooking a meal. Plan, shop, prep, cook, and enjoy. You’ll be surprised how much the other person knows about cooking, or how much you might learn, and if you both can’t cook enjoy a night of learning and laughing together.

11. Eat at ONoir

O’Noir is a restaurant located in Toronto that is famous for being hosted in the dark. Thats right no light whatsoever no lamps, flashlights, phones, candles, zip. This is so customers can learn to have a better dining experience by truly focusing on taste alone, with its increasing number of guests its been quite a stir said to be fun, enjoyable, and a romantic night critics claim. I will definitely be trying you out O’Noir.


I hope I get to attend to all of these things this list and will definitely be posting about them if I do.

What are some of your Fall date ideas?



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